Women’s Dignity

Needs Assessment:

  • Women at local women’s shelter lack the skills necessary to create cover letters, resumes, and thank you notes.
  • The inability to create these documents makes it difficult for them to obtain jobs.


Our women’s empowerment project helps local women at the Hope House Women’s Shelter get back on their feet. In October and November of 2015, we held workshops for these women teaching them skills in areas such as cover letters, resumes, Microsoft Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, and interviews. We talked to approximately 50 different women. Now, we have decided to focus the group down to 5 women and do everything we can to help them get jobs. Instead of holding workshops with these women, we are now looking to work more one-on-one. In addition, we are looking for more innovative ways to improve the project to have a bigger impact.

What would you do?

Work one-on-one with women in need
Develop the sessions to use with these women
Market the women to different prospective job sites
Develop interview skills, resumes, cover letters, along with other skills needed for obtaining jobs

This is a great project for you if:

You are proficient in the areas needed to obtain jobs (interviews, resumes, cover letters),
You are good at mentoring
You are interested in developing your own skills in these areas.
You are interested in education

Project Lead Contact:

Emily McIntyre