Pinpoint Entrepreneurship Mentoring


Entrepreneurship is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the business world. However, it can be very difficult getting a company off the ground and grow into a success story. As an example of one of our mentoring projects an Enactus students has started his own company: AdVenture. AdVenture is a company that turns advertisements from medium to large companies into games for people to play. This is one of the most innovative elements of the advertising industry and AdVenture has already made its mark in Kansas City by working with Crow’s Coffee- a major coffee company headquartered right here in KC. In our Pinpoint Entrepreneurship Project, we will be helping AdVenture market their app which will go live in the end of September.

What would you do?

Create a large scale marketing campaign
Develop marketing materials such as fliers, handouts, etc
Give presentations to classes

This project is great for you if:

You are interested in Marketing
You are interested in Entrepreneurship
Plan on being self employed in the future
Want to work in the Advertising industry in the future
You are a Business Student
You are proficient with technology, app development, and app launches


Tielyr Creason