Paws for the Cause:


There are many animal rescues around the Kansas City metro area that take in animals who have been found on the streets, surrendered, or even lost. However, along with this influx of new dogs and cats coming in, a heavy financial burden is placed on the staff and volunteers in order to pay for their medical care, food, water, and bedding. The majority of the money for these services come from donations from individuals and other organizations, meaning they are completely non-profit shelters. Our goal is to provide them with a more sustainable flow of revenue so they can afford to provide their pets with the quality care they deserve.

What would you do?

​· Hold events to raise money for the shelters
· Engage students and pets together to spread awareness for resources

This project is great for you if:

· You are interested in and want to learn more about animals
· You are a business, marketing, finance, or entrepreneurship major
· You are interested in event planning/participating


Sophia Straight –