Our team is in the midst of raising funds to provide a clean water source for Ogwuokwu Community School in Nigeria. Our initial effort is Go Fund Me. We encourage you to check it out and share the link below on social media! Go Fund Me Page http://


The students of Community School need several things. They need a new roof for their school, they need a bus, new desks, and much more. But most of all they need clean water. Raising these funds, we can make this world a little better, and the future a little brighter. We can give these children one of life’s most basic necessities. We can bring clean water to the students!!

What would you do?

Help raise the money needed to fund the different aspects in improving the school; Create innovative methods to make this school more efficient Research and possibly implement a crowdfunding campaign Help establish a sustainable monetary aspect to this project

This is a great project for you if:

You are a business major You are an engineer You are enjoy helping underserved portions of the world You are pursuing a career in education You have innovative ideas to help improve this school You have experience in fundraising (high level)


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