Well Wishes


Our team in the Spring of 2017 completed the construction of a well that benefited the school of Ogwuokwu, located in the heart of Nigeria. The students of Community School still need several things. They need a new roof for their school, they need a bus, new desks, and much more. So far we accomplished our original goal of getting a well in the ground! We are now looking at what our next step is in this beautiful nation.

What would you do?

  • Evaluate ways to expand this project in to a stronger, long term solution.
  • Help raise the money needed to fund the different aspects in improving the school
  • Create innovative methods to make this school more efficient
  • Help establish a sustainable monetary aspect to this project
  • This is a great project for you if:

  • You are a business major
  • You are an engineer
  • You are enjoy helping underserved portions of the world
  • You are pursuing a career in education
  • You have innovative ideas to help improve this school
  • Contact:

    Megan Darnell