UMKC Enactus is a premier student organization that provides team members the opportunity to develop proficiency in leadership, interpersonal relations, critical thinking and community interaction. Their skills are showcased successfully at competitions and position them to be sought after by top employers. To sum it up: UMKC Enactus is college students taking what they learn in the classroom, allowing them to educate and help others in the community, and then competing to see who is the best. The UMKC Enactus Program has experienced great success and has grown to a group of approximately 65 students. While the projects are developed using business basics, project success is the result of varied input from team members from all 11 UMKC Schools. Now regularly winning Enactus regional competitions, UMKC students are also finding success at nationals. The team is looking forward to gaining the pre- eminence needed to someday participate in the Global Cup, where the champion teams from 36 countries compete. The team spirit and global projects have catapulted them into the top 10% of teams nationally, competing against teams from schools like Notre Dame, University of Chicago, Loyola, and the University of Wisconsin Madison. Business Advisory Board: We would like to extend a tremendous thank you to those that volunteer on our team's Business Advisory Board and lend their time, ideals, skills, and experiences to better ensure our overall success in functioning as an effective unit. You are truly a shining light of guidance when we are lost in the shadows of ambiguity:
  • Kathe Rusnak Marketing Consultant
  • Richard Gibson Executive Director, The 27 Committee, Inc.
  • Rob Givens CEO, Mazuma Credit Union - Retired
  • Mark Baldwin SVP Administration and General Counsel, DSI™
  • Edward Murphy City Manager, Kansas City/Omaha/Lincoln Avis Budget Group
  • Dave Donnelly Dean, Henry W. Bloch School of Management
  • Jon Kohrs UX Director, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • Beth Larson Senior Analyst, Cerner
  Alumni Association President:
  • Beth Larson Senior Analyst, Cerner
  • Ben Williams
  Executive Board Members:
  • Chad Feather - President
  • Raj Patel - Vice President of Projects
  • Kate Ragan - Vice President of Operations
  • Luci Mcmurray - Project Committee Leader
  • Kellen Sheil - Team Events Committee Leader
  • Tielyr Creason - Research Committee Leader
  • Dennis Mowry - Marketing Committee Leader
  Becoming a Business Advisor for UMKC Enactus: Enactus Business Advisory Board (BAB) members are groups of dedicated community members who serve as monumental assets to the UMKC Enactus Team.
  • Enactus BAB Members provide mentoring and guidance to the Enactus Team members
  • They advise on projects
  • They act as networkers on behalf of their affiliated Enactus Teams; introducing them to other community leaders
  • They can provide teams with access to needed resources
  • [and] They often times act as great sources for critiquing and honing the team's final presentation before competition
Interested in joining the UMKC Enactus Team's BAB? Contact Ben Williams at