Strategies for Success

Needs Assessment:

  • Financial Literacy is necessary to avoid debt and poverty.
  • Real life application of personal finances is often neglected in high school education.
  • The transition from high school to college is often troublesome for students.


Studies show that Missouri ranks 45th in the United States on an individual’s understanding of personal finance. Personal finance skills are critical to adult life, as any college student is well aware of. Financial Literacy focuses on teaching the real life application of personal finance by highlighting the need to budget, how to finance college, and explaining the importance of credit.

What would you do?

  • Present to high school students
  • Create a cohesive marketing campaign with restaurants located near these high schools
  • Mentor students
  • Create additional, innovative ways to teach high school students the importance of financial education

This project is great for you if:

  • You major in accounting, finance, or economics
  • Enjoy mentoring high school students
  • Are proficient (or want to be proficient) in public speaking skills


Logan Spaulding –