Energy Efficiency in the Urban Core


In Kansas City, many struggle to pay their electrical bills. This inability to pay your electric bill has spread widely across Kansas City and is known as the "energy burden". Kansas City ranks in the top 10 of cities with the highest energy burden in the United States. Energy Efficiency in the Urban Core works with homeowners in Kansas City to provide information on how they can improve their energy efficiency and reduce their own energy burdens. The exact direction of the project is still being decided. New and innovative mindsets are strongly encouraged!

What would you do?

Present to homeowner’s associations Develop resources on how to reduce energy usage Develop programs small businesses can utilize to lower energy usage/cost

This project is great for you if:

You are looking to develop or hone in your public speaking skills Have a very good understanding of how to reduce energy use Looking to improve the efficiency of small businesses Going into a science, business, or communications related field

Project Lead Contact:

Kellen Sheil 417-294-7862