Digital Divide:

Need in Kansas City:

What is the Digital Divide?




Kansas City has a huge divide in technical literacy. Part of the population that doesn’t know how to use email, the internet, Microsoft applications, or other computer programs. This is where we come in! Digital Divide helps those who struggle with technology through education. This project has been in operation since October of 2015, giving workshops in different areas of the city.

What would you do?

Develop workshops to give to these underserved groups
​Help those that are not proficient in these technology skills with their job searches
​Work with inner city families
​Give these workshops to the groups
Help develop new and innovative ways to close the gap of technological inequality

This project is great for you if:

you are proficient in technology (even more than just basic computer knowledge helps), you have an interest in mentoring/tutoring, you enjoy working with inner city families, you are have an interest in public speaking, or you would like to increase your own skills in the tech areas


Luci McMurray