Career Accelerator


Many entrepreneurial college students often have trouble finding companies that best suit their interests. At the same time, many startup companies struggle to find students for internships and full time positions post graduation. We analyzed and found that traditional career fairs were not meeting the needs of startups or entrepreneurial college students. They were too expensive for startups, too awkward for students, and often times were not helpful. At the same time, many college students often do not know where to find startups.


We decided to plan a one day event that would bring these start up companies and entrepreneurial minded students together. We partnered with the KC Startup Foundation, KC Sourcelink, the City of Kansas City, and Firebrand Venture. This one day event consisted of a panel discussion, a speed networking session, and an open networking lunch. The speed networking session allowed businesses to meet with a wide range of students.


In total, we empowered over 45 students from 5 universities to connect with 31 companies. The Career Accelerator created over 160 connections and allowed many students to receive job offers. This event helped provide young entrepreneurial students the opportunity to connect with the Kansas City startup ecosystem.

What would you do?

Help connect students with startup employers, Identify methods to develop and expand the project beyond a one day event, Create and develop programs for enterepreneurial students in Kansas City, Create connections with local entrepreneurship organizations

This is a great project for you if:

You are a business major, You are an entrepreneur or have an interest in entrepreneurship, You are enjoy helping others, You are pursuing a career in education You have innovative ideas to help the KC startup ecosystem, You have experience in web development or other technology development


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