Bright Futures


Students in the Kansas City Metro Area are not aware of all of the options for after high school. Most are only aware of college. However, many do not see this as an option due to their financial situations. Bright Futures focuses on these students through mentor-ship and providing resources on alternatives to college. In addition, Bright Futures works with these students on ways to afford their post high school endeavors.

What would you do?

Mentor a high school student on a one on one basis with an effort to understand their situation and make a plan for their future. Help manage workshops to be held once a month (in September, October and November) at UMKC. Participate in one large event in November that brings high school students from across the Kansas City area together to explore their post high school options.

This project is great for you if:

Enjoy working with high school students Actively mentor or tutor students already Are pursuing a career in education Have previously worked in Big Brother, Big Sister or a similar group

Project Lead Contact:

Macie Kienzle 816-695-8766