Arts and Entrepreneurship


Kansas City has a vibrant arts community, but very few artists are able to make a living solely off their artistic talents. Therefore, we created this project to teach these artists entrepreneurial talents so they are able to make an income off of their work.

This project started in November of 2014 when we held a contest for these artists to create “gifts” that the city government could give to other delegations when visited. Gift giving is an important part of international business and the city did not have any good gifts to give to these delegations, so they asked us for help. These artists created gift concepts, and we awarded cash prizes based off these concepts. Now we are holding workshops that teach these artists the entrepreneurial skills so they can manufacture the gifts and sell them to the city.

What would you do?

Assist artists in marketing their products and helping them through the process of manufacturing their concepts through consultation
Attend the A&E workshops with these artists to walk them through the process. This is as much of a learning process for you as it is them.
Be reachable, friendly, and professional towards the artists you are helping

This is a great project for you if: you have interest in innovation, marketing, entrepreneurship, networking, product development, business development, or if you just have an interest in art.


Luci McMurray


Business, Art and a Proclamation