Arts and Entrepreneurship


Kansas City has a vibrant arts community, but very few artists are able to make a living solely off their artistic talents. Therefore, we created this project to teach these artists entrepreneurial talents so they are one step closer to reaching their greatest potential.
In the past two years, we’ve thrown a gallery competition to give artists active selling and networking experience and organized a series of artist-led workshops educating on skills like marketing artwork, financing your career, finding studio space in the city, and owning your own brand, as well as giving artists their own personal business plan. If you want to explore and enact creative ideas to bring artists closer to their goals, this is the project for you.
This year, we’ve found that most emerging artists find that they can’t reach their artistic goals without the aid of a mentor: a professional artist experienced in their craft. However, mentors can be, if not pricey, hard to find altogether. Mid-career and professional artists we’ve met want fulfillment in influencing a younger artist who reflects their goals, being an aid to others and getting rid of the divide and competitive edge within the art community.
What if we found a group of advanced artists willing to advocate, advice, and assist emerging artists entrepreneurially?
We are creating a mentorship program to have artists pair up and form a unique and mutually beneficial partnership to advance a younger artist’s success. We want them to collaborate on improvement strategies like sales, marketing, brand ownership, or anything pertaining to the success of the older artist or the goals of the emerging artist.
Artists have said that they feel that they can’t find internships, studio spaces, buyers, or opportunities because their trade school was focused on talent and generalized artists, as well as neglects to teach business components crucial to an artist’s success. No artist is the same, so they should be provided with individualized help. The Arts and Entrepreneurship Project wants to create a mentorship program that allows the artist to reach their fullest potential and make their passion their career.

This is a great project for you if:

You have interest in innovation, marketing, entrepreneurship, networking, product development, business development, or if you just have an interest in art.


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